Star Shape - 2m Length Frosted Window Manifestation Dot

  • £12.99

Self-adhesive cut out sticker dots, sold on A4 sheets, simply peel the frosted manifestation and stick it to the glass, also supplied with a ruler guide, to space at correct intervals.

You're purchasing one pack, each pack will have enough dots to do 2m when spaced at the correct interval, if you wish to fit two lines of safety dots as shown in the pictures above, you’ll need to buy two packs.

They are designed to highlight glazed areas to comply with building regulations, helping to avoid the risk of collision.

This is a must and a Legal requirement for all public buildings and glass partitions, 'Regulation 14 the Workplace Health and Safety Act 1992' that every window or translucent service, must be marked and clearly identifiable, to prevent members of the public being injured from accidently walking into glass.

Suitable for all flat glass types, idea for restaurants, hotels, banks, leisure centres and any other commercial or retail frontage.

Made from the highest quality professional window film, strong glue and very durable, totally resistant to moisture and condensation , with a protective scratch resistant coating, maintenance free, uv stable, anti-fade.

Can be fitted by any member of staff, no experience necessary, simply peel, stick and rub over with a plastic card.

Can also be fitted wet if you want to be able to move around on the glass, prior to sticking them to check position, then you spray with soapy water first.

Free fitting hard card tool will be supplied with every 3 x packs, Must be purchased at the same time, this tool is not a necessity but makes it very fast to install.

These star shape frosted window manifestations, look fabulous, they are a frosted texture, to seamlessly blend it into the environment, while been clearly identifiable but still allowing some natural light to pass through them

24 different patterns available.

Star shape safety dots are available in the sizes 50mm or 100mm or 150mm

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