Mirror Reflective Window Film

The Window Film Shop provides a wide range of reflective solar films, each designed to diminish the effects of UV rays and the buildup of heat within your home, business etc.

The reflective window films that we have available are the perfect choice for you to reduce the excess heat from your home or business, eliminating the issue of rooms being too hot and uncomfortable in summer. If you want to create more privacy during the day time, then our one-way self-adhesive films are your best choice. All the mirror window films we have available can be applied to existing windows and are easy to install, they come with full instructions on how to fit and can be applied with simple DIY tools.

You will be able to see that along with standard mirror reflection, we also have mirror window films available in a variety of shades, grades and colours, from stunning  Bronze to glamorous gold. As these are one way mirrored tints, your privacy is protected whilst not compromising on being able to look out of your window and ruining your views.

There are many different benefits from installing our one way mirror window film; including reducing glare and preventing fading from UV rays. The one- way mirror window films we supply are hand cut and packed  in our UK warehouse to ensure high-quality at an affordable rate, these reflective films are great at creating privacy and reducing heat in your workplace, home or retail premises. .