How to fit your Window Film.

Full comprehensive fitting instructions will be supplied with your order.

The basic method bellow outlines the process of installing any of the window films we sell. 


- knife
- Spray bottle containing water with a few drops of washing up liquid ‘Slip Solution’
- Squeegee


1) Thoroughly clean the window the film will be applied to.
2) Cut your film to size of the window, adding an extra 2cm to the width and height.
3) Remove the clear lining film from back of the window film and spray the adhesive back of the film, as well as your fingers, with the Slip Solution. Attach a piece of sticky tape to either side of the film at one corner and peel them apart.
4) Spray the glass with the Slip Solution.
5) Apply the adhesive side of the film onto the glass and slide into position.
6) Spray the face of the film with the Slip Solution and using a squeegee, push out all the soapy water from behind the film
7) Trim off any excess film using the knife