Vibrant optically clear films

The Window Film Shop’s vibrant optically clear window film is the perfect way to transform the appearance of your house or work place windows, without compromising the light passing through the glass or obscuring your vision.

Our optically clear colourful window film revamps your whole window by transforming the colour without ruining your view. Our transparent window film will let light pass through the glass in all directions whilst upgrading the appearance of your window with a vibrant colour.

Available in a wide range of colours, our vibrant colourful clear window film will add colour to your glass without blocking any of your vision or any light passing through.

Being such a versatile product, optically clear window film can be used for many applications in home or business settings, thus opening up a wide range of opportunities to upgrade your glass being it at home or a work place. Our optically clear window films can be used to transform entire windows, single panes and we can also use our state of the art equipment to cut your own custom/bespoke designs.  

Available in clear Blue / Yellow / Rose / Green / Bronze / Red / Turquoise / Raspberry / Orange / Purple

Free UK Shipping and sold per metre.