Safety & Security Window Film

The Window Film Shop is here to help; our safety and security films will protect your windows against glass breakage and the dangers of shattered glass. Whilst also improving security and protecting both your windows and your property.

If glass isn’t toughened or laminated then the chances of it breaking is much higher. Our safety and security window films are the perfect answer to help protect your windows. Once the safety and security window film is applied it brings the glass up to the same standards of safety glass, whilst, instantly strengthening the glass making it more resistant to breakage. If it does break it does so in a safe manner, holding the broken glass in place.

Safety and security window film works by becoming an additional protective layer on the glass. Our safety and security window film have anti-shatter properties, the window film will hold the glass together should it be broken. The broken glass will be held together inside the pane, instead of the shattered glass shards falling away from the pane, making it harder to gain illegal entry through a window which has been broken.

Safety and security window films are available in a range of different thicknesses and finishes, with the standard safety and security window film having a clear finish it is practically invisible in appearance. This allows the safety and security window film to be applied to glass without obstructing your view or changing the appearance of your windows.

Installed it will offer protection for your glass and bring them up to BS EN 12600 standard.