Dichroic colour changing self-adhesive rainbow colourful, coloured window film

  • £69.99

Dichroic colour changing self-adhesive rainbow colourful window film

Dichroic premium grade window film, lightly reflective window film, that looks different colours depending on viewing angle, as you walk past the window, it changes in colour.

Creates the same effect as dichroic glass at a fraction of the cost. Lowest UK price guarantee on this product.

A blaze of different colours. Self-adhesive back easy to DIY install

Brings glass to life, changing its colour and hue with every angle, you view it from.

Let’s lots of natural light through, looks fantastic if cut into shapes or text.

Recommended for internal application, 5 year warranty

1.37m wide, available from 1-30m, same great product, but less than half of the cost of 3M dichroic window film.

Includes free fitting instructions.

Coloured Optically Clear Window Films
Coloured Reflective One Way Mirror Window Films
Coloured Privacy Frosted Window Films
  • Professional quality - as used by professional window film fitting companies
  • Non-Fade, Easy DIY install
  • Self Adhesive Film
  • Easy to cut & trim to size
  • Allows natural light through the film

This product is also known by the following other names, Dichroic Window Film, Multi-Coloured Window Film, Colour Changing Window Film, The Dichroic Window Film Fitting Instructions, Technical specifications and glazing suitability chart is available to download at the bottom of the page.

The video below shows Opal White Frosted Window Film been installed. The product you are purchasing will look different but is still easily installed with the exact same method using a few basic tools, these are also available to purchase. The Window Film fitting video is only a couple of minutes long and covers all the knowledge you'll need to complete your DIY Window Film installation.

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