Clear UV Film

Museum Clear UV Ultra Violet 99.5 Anti-Fading UV Protection Window Film, Sticky Back Film

  • £6.99

Reduce harmful UV rays by up to 99.5% and significantly reduce fading of your curtains, flooring and furniture.
This film will reduce UV rays by up to 99.5% and it a totally clear self adhesive window film. There is no tint that is noticeable when installed, thus the film is perfect for museums, art galleries and displays to protect items from UV damage.

• Self Adhesive Film
• Easy to cut & trim to size
• Allows all the natural light through the film

Professional Quality as sold to professional installers.

Window Film Fitting Instructions, Technical specifications and glazing suitability chart is available to download at the bottom of the page.

The video below shows Opal White Frosted Window Film been installed. The product you are purchasing will look different but is still easily installed with the exact same method using a few basic tools, these are also available to purchase. The Window Film fitting video is only a couple of minutes long and covers all the knowledge you'll need to complete your DIY Window Film installation.

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