Vertical Line Pattern Cut Out Bespoke Custom Frosted Window Film

Vertical Line Print Bespoke Custom Frosted Patterned Window Film P03


  • £8.99

This Design is a Vertical Line Pattern Print. We will scale the proportion of design to fit your custom sizes, If you prefer the design to be a specific size, please add the dimensions in the special comments. Please put your glass measurements in the correct boxes, Height top to bottom of glass, Width left to right of glass, the more accurate your glass measurements are the better the item will fit, so please do take your time.

Our custom bespoke designed window films, are a fantastic personalised way to upgrade existing glass. Offering stylish privacy with a contemporary modern appearance. We offer a large array of different patterns and styles to choose from, all our films and hand crafted in our UK warehouse, we are available via telephone and email, to offer full support and advice. If you cannot find what you’re looking for, please feel free to contact us. Our state of the art equipment allows us to both print and cut virtually any design for glass film.

Unless you tell us otherwise, your film will be cut for sticking to the inside of your glass, allowing the number or text to be read from the outside, this is called a Mirror Image, this is not so important with most shapes and objects as they appear fine on both sides, but text and numbers is only readable on one side as the other is a mirrored reflection, so for these types of work, please ensure you select the correct option:-

  • Mirror Image for Internal fitting but viewing outside
  • Mirror for external fitting but viewing on inside
  • Non Mirror for internal fitting but viewing inside
  • Non Mirror for external fitting but viewing on outside

Please take all measurements to the nearest mm for example 965mm would be 96.5cm, if in doubt it’s better to be slightly over as the film can easily been trimmed during fitting. The maximum dimensions to purchase online are up to 400m Width and 150cm Height. If you require over this size please contact us for further assistance.
Width refers to the width of the glass left to right.
Height refers to the height of the glass top to bottom.

We also offer this design on a frosted film that’s Pink, Green, Blue, Gold, Grey, Bronze or Yellow. If you would like us to use a different colour frosted film, please send us a message for pricing.
If you would prefer to see a proof of your design prior to dispatch, please also put this request in the comments box or email us, proofs are free of charge but will add a couple of extra days to order time.

Unfortunately any custom made films are non returnable as they are custom to cut for your windows and could not be resold, please bare this in mind when making a decision, if in doubt we encourage you to have a proof sent prior to the item been cut.

• Non Fade, Easy DIY install
• Self Adhesive Film
• Allows natural light through the film

Window Film Fitting Instructions, Technical specifications and glazing suitability chart is available to download at the bottom of the page.

The video below shows Opal White Frosted Window Film been installed. The product you are purchasing will look different but is still easily installed with the exact same method using a few basic tools, these are also available to purchase. The Window Film fitting video is only a couple of minutes long and covers all the knowledge you'll need to complete your DIY Window Film installation.

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