Pink Gloss Vinyl M7-181, Metamark 7 Series, self-adhesive, sticky back polymeric sign making vinyl

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This is Pink Gloss Vinyl M7-181 Vinyl, Metamark 7 Series.

This is not cheap monomeric, this is a high quality polymeric calendered vinyl, this is the most durable vinyl, it is less prone to shrinkage, found in monomeric vinyl’s.

Pro's of higher quality polymeric vinyl:

1. Far Longer life span than any monomerics vinyl’s

2. Virtually no shrinkage, unlike monomeric vinyl

3. Ideal for flat and slightly curved applications

4. A thicker film, will make easier handling

5. Usually 75 microns thick

6. Expected life span is 8 Years externally, internally 15 years +

Typical Applications

The range offers excellent cutting and weeding characteristics, and exterior durability of up to 8 years making it ideal for use on external applications including vehicle graphics and exterior sign applications.

Application Guidelines

May be applied with a wet or dry application.

Apply unstressed, in particular to curves and recesses. It is not suitable for application over rivets or complex recesses.

Face Film

Face Film: Polymeric calendered PVC

Gauge: 70 micron nominal

Tensile Strength 47N/25mm MD / 43N/25mm TD

Elongation at break 180% MD nominal

Shrinkage -0.5% MD max / -0.2% TD max


Type solvent-based acrylic

Weight 22gsm nominal

Adhesion to glass 20 mins 15N/25mm nominal

Adhesion to glass 24 hour 20N/25mm nominal

Perceived tack Medium

Shear strength Medium to high

Application temperature +5°C to +60°C

Service temperature -30°C to +110°C

Release Liner

Type Kraft paper

Printed Metamark 7 Series in Purple print

Gauge 145 mym nominal

Weight 140 gsm nominal


Finishes Available 55 gloss and 2 mat


External weathering 8 years for black and white, 7 years for

colours and 5 years for metallics

Fire Rating Class B. BS EN 13501-1:2007

BS 6853:1999 Cat1a&b (Passenger Rail)

EN ISO 5659-2 (Goods Rail Vehicles)

ISO 5658-2 (Goods Rail Vehicles)

Chemical Resistance

Resistant to mineral oils, fats and

fuels, aliphatic solvents, mild acids, salt

and alkali for e.g. diesel oil, gasoline,

paraffin, hydraulic oil, antifreeze, soap

suds etc.

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