600ml Pro Glass Cleaning Active Foam RR Customs

  • £12.99

1 x 600ml Can of Pro Glass Cleaning Active Foam RR Customs, Pro Window Tinting Fitting Tool

Professional formula Active Cleaning Foam glass cleaner Developed by RR Customs, elite European tinters. Cleaning Foam is a must for tinters who demand the highest performance from cleaning products.

This Cleaning foam is for glass and other smooth surfaces, its very Stable: No running off vertical surfaces. This product offers an Extremely high degree of active cleaning power, when the foam bubbles burst, highly concentrated, active cleaning agents are transported directly to the dirt, outstanding it with dissolving power.

Highly concentrated Saves money thanks to 20 + yield. Protects materials: Paints, rubber and plastics are not attacked. Dissolves insect residues, bird excrement and road dust, nicotine deposits, greasy soiling, silicone residues and rubber abrasion of glass windows, car windows, mirrors and painted surfaces.

Fantastic product, exclusively imported and distributed by The Window Film Shop.

This is a must for every installer’s tool box.

Trusted name, highest quality, lowest price.

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