Mirror Silver 20% – Internal Solar Reflective Privacy Window Film

  • £5.99

Mirror silver 20% window film is the industry standard and is the most widely used one way privacy window film on the market. It will help reduce heat buildup and glare by up to 80%, making rooms in your home or workspace much cooler, comfortable and enjoyable to be in. It also helps lower the amount of UV light coming through the glass by 99%, diminishing the effects of fading.

Once our reflective silver mirror window film is applied, it will give you daytime privacy as it gives a mirrored finish on the external facing side of the glass.

Our silver mirror reflective privacy window film works by mirroring whichever side of the glass has the most light on it. It reflects sunlight and thus will reduce solar heat and give excellent one way privacy during the day. Once fitted it will be unaffected by moisture and condensation so can be used for both kitchens and bathrooms with no issues arising. It is a very durable and long lasting film; it is very easy to clean.

Our reflective silver mirror window film can be easily DIY installed, all our window films are self-adhesive so no messy glue is needed and will come with full written instructions.

  • Available in different widths and lengths
  • Reduces ultraviolet light by 99%
  • Reduces glare by 83%
  • Rejects 80% of solar energy
  • VLT of 18%
  • Perfect for daytime privacy

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